BioenergeticsBioenergetic Analysis is a unique and effective somatic psychotherapy modality that helps resolve emotional issues by engaging the wisdom of the body to release the pain of the past.

Releasing Patterns with Bioenergetics

We store and hold on to life’s traumas and emotional wounds in our bodies. To function and survive in the world, most of us have learned to adapt to painful situations by suppressing them to the unconscious. These defense mechanisms keep the pain from being expressed in a healthy way, and instead leave stored memories that cause us to continue to feel the physical and emotional effects of our earliest childhood wounds, neglect, and/or abuse.

I want you to know that there is help for this pain through Bioenergetics therapy.

Working With Me

In a safe one-to-one space, we will follow the movement and energy of your body to discover how you have protected yourself on a physical and psychological level from difficult or painful emotions. Bioenergetic therapy is both deep and subtle; we will get active and discover, together, how your body is holding stored emotional pain and restricting you from living a more satisfying, joyful life.

The creative and unique movements, postures, and breathing exercises that are part of the Bioenergetics therapy method will release your painful emotions and realign your energy so that authentic healing can emerge. Most people that experience Bioenergetic therapy feel renewed and healthy, ready to view the world and life from a place of contentment and purpose.

More About Somatic Psychotherapies (Bioenergetics)

Our physical responses to life’s events are stored in our cells, muscles, and our minds. The negative memories that we hold onto can manifest in a variety of difficulties in our adult lives such as failed relationships, illness, and chronic pain.

Current brain research supports somatic (body-related) psychotherapies. Traditionally, psychologists have focused on healing the mind while physicians treat the body. Research shows that the mind and body must be treated as a whole to effectively heal deep and pervasive wounds, rather than by just compartmentalizing and treating the symptoms alone.

Aren’t you ready to move beyond your past and pain that holds you there? Isn’t it time that you lived your life in a more grounded, connected, and joyful way?

Through Bioenergetics therapy I can help you find the path to the rich and fulfilling life you were meant to lead by healing the wounds of the past—isn’t it time?