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Hooking Up Vs Connecting Up

by Garet Bedrosian I recently read an interesting article, The Decisive Marriage by Tara Parker-Pope. The article is about how couples who are more decisive before marriage have more successful relationships. I am particularly intrigued because I... Read More »
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The Zen of May Gray/June Gloom

Here in San Diego we have a saying, ‘May Gray, June Gloom’ which describes the weather during this time of year when our infamous sunny, blue skies turn into cold, damp, overcast gray. We owe the... Read More »
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Personal History vs Being in Love

  I just found out that May is Personal History month which naturally caused me to think about my own history. This is a picture of my paternal grandmother, Anna Bozigian Bedrosian who, because of her... Read More »
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The Case for Using Drugs to Enhance Our Relationships (and Our Break-Ups)

If you could take a drug to fix your relationship problems, would you? I heard Oxford ethicist Brian Earp speak about a ‘love drug’ on NPR the other evening and had to know more about... Read More »