Workshops Around The World

Do you wonder why you are drawn to certain people? Do you want to know how to maintain a successful relationship? Are you ready to start today?

Self-knowledge is key to creating and maintaining the relationship you want. In one weekend you will gain a solid foundation in Imago Relationship Theory. We will explore, in a safe and nurturing environment, the evolution of love relationships and what compels us to keep searching.

These intensive workshops, for individuals and couples, are based on the ground-breaking work of co-founders Harville Hendrix, PhD, and his wife, Helen LeKelly Hunt,  who co-authored Getting the Love you Want and Keeping the Love You Find.

The workshops are designed to be fun, informative, and transformative. The format of the workshops includes lectures, written exercises, time to practice your new skills, and a small group process.

Please see the cancellation policy