Where are the workshops held?

The locations for the workshops may change depending on the number of participants.

In San Diego they are held in Hillcrest which is central San Diego or at Mission Bay.

In Tucson they are held at Tucson Osteopathic Medical Foundation located at 3182 N. Swan Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712.

In Rhode Island, Workshops are held in North Kingstown or closer to Providence.

What is the structure of the GTLYW & KTLYF workshops?

My number one priority is to create a safe environment. Maintaining a schedule, listening, supporting and honoring your needs are just a few ways I do this.

We typically begin at 8:30 AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings and end at approximately 7:00 PM on Saturday and 6:00 PM on Sunday. There may be some minor adjustments to the times depending on the number of participants as well as the needs presented throughout the day.

The days consist of lectures, writing, demonstrations and time for the participants to practice new communication skills. While there are times for group sharing you may have as much privacy as you choose.

Do I have to attend the whole weekend?

Yes, you will be learning in a step by step fashion how to have a happy, healthier relationship so it is important for you to be present for each step. You will learn about the stages of relationships, how you choose your romantic partners, how to negotiate the struggles and how to re-romanticize and fun-a-size your relationship.

Does the fee include food or accommodations?

Although meals and accommodations are not included in your fee I do provide some food and beverages for you to enjoy during breaks. Lunch for approximately 1 1/4 hours is on your own.

There are many accommodations close to the workshop venue. I would be happy to make suggestions or you can use a google hotel search.

Is the GTLYW workshop only for relationships in trouble?

No. This workshop is beneficial to all relationships. I’ve worked with couples in the very early stages of relationship wanting to ensure their success, couples in good, established relationships just wanting to learn how to communicate better, grow closer or to bring back the romance and couples whom have reached the end of their patience and want to give the relationship one last chance. All have found the workshop enriching.

Do I have to be single to come to the KTLYF workshop?

Absolutely not. The KTLYF workshop is for individuals interested in learning how to be better partners. If you are single and looking for a relationship it will help you to heal the wounds of the past so that you can move forward into a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship.

If you are in a relationship it will deepen your understanding of the ways you contribute to the frustrations as well as how you can contribute to the joys. It is a great adjunct to relationship partners whom have either taken the GTLYW workshop or want to do some individual work before taking the GTLYW workshop with a partner.

Do you have workshops for the LBGT community?

At this time I do not have separate workshops for the LBGT community because I have had success with mixed orientation couples. Although there may be some differences in the types of challenges, the general relationship struggles are consistent in every relationship.

Should I have previous experience with Imago Therapy or have read ‘Getting the Love you Want’ or Keeping the Love you Find’ by Harville Hendrix?

Not necessarily… I will teach you the Imago philosophy, the stages of relationships, partner selection, biological, sociological and psychological influences, more effective communication, as well as how to re-romanticize and bring more joy into your relationship.

If you want to know more you may certainly read one of Harville’s books, go to the Getting the Love you Want website or meet with an Imago therapist.

How do I register?

Please find the workshop page and the workshop you are interested in attending. Click the register button which will take you to PayPal. You will receive a detailed email within 24 hours acknowledging your registration.

You may also pay by check. Please include an email address and the information will be sent.

I would be happy to spend time answering any other questions you may have so please call 619.300.8002 or email.