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Talk To Me

You have heard it before – communication is the key to a successful relationship. But the key really is just… TALKING???  How is it possible that a lack of works …... Read More »

Drifting Apart

Sometimes I speak to couples who can’t describe why they feel so out of sync with their partner. There was no specific violation of trust or trauma that occurred in their relationship. …... Read More »

Couple Conversations

When couples come to see me on the brink of divorce, the root of the problem is often lack of connection and communication. I want to share an article with …... Read More »

Fall Back In Love

Have you been longing for the days when your relationship was brand new? The days in the beginning when your connection with your partner came with such ease? Those bliss …... Read More »


In the aftermath of the Covid crisis, there is an unlikely victim – our relationships. It may be hard to believe that couples could feel so separated¬†when they have spent …... Read More »

Habits of Emotionally Healthy Couples

Do you ever see those older couples holding hands, laughing, and taking care of each other? Do you ever wonder how they managed to be married so long?  The answer …... Read More »

Mother’s Day Feelings

One thing that is universally true is each of us has a mother. However, our relationships with our mothers are as diverse as we are.  For some they have a strong bond …... Read More »

What’s Hiding?

I once heard a comedian with an East Indian accent say, “Don’t travel alone in your own mind. It is a dangerous neighborhood, and you will get mugged.” That is …... Read More »

Mother Nature and Your Relationship

There is nothing wrong with you. Your relationship is not broken.¬† We each have developed conscious and unconscious coping strategies that sometimes create problems in our relationship. One of Mother …... Read More »