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Thankful For You

I feel so full of gratitude.  I know what you are thinking – this year has been a roller coaster! It is hard to feel thankful when there has been …... Read More »

Relationship Tips

Do you feel pulled away from your partner? Of course you do! Your home has probably turned into an office/school/daycare like so many of us. There are Zoom meetings in …... Read More »

Election Day

I hope you vote today. Political views aside, it is more important than ever to make your voice heard. It is also important to make your voice heard in your …... Read More »


Is it the movie or your relationship that’s scaring you? Join us virtually in December for our Getting the Love You Want Workshop and fall in love all over again.... Read More »

Election 2020 vs Happy Couples

2020 has been quite a year right? And just to strain our relationships further we have a pivotal¬†Presidential Election in a few weeks. Some of you asked me on Facebook …... Read More »

Is it Fine?

Do you want to know how you can have a better relationship? Join us in December for an online ‘Getting the Love You Want‘ Workshop where we will give you …... Read More »

Coronavirus Dating

I have been reading more than ever, how about you? The more I read the more I realize so many people are having difficulties navigating their love life during this …... Read More »

Love in the Time of Corona

Are you having trouble navigating the dating world amidst COVID? Join us in October for an online ‘Keeping The Love You Find‘ Workshop to help you find the love you …... Read More »

Feeling Cranky?

Cranky: given to fretful fussiness: readily angered when opposed. Full of twists and turns¬† I’m angry, sad, annoyed, irritated, and cranky for all the obvious reasons we share and for …... Read More »

Missing Your Partner?

Do you feel distance between you and your partner? Are you surprised since you are together more than ever before? Are you a little jealous of this dancing couple? You …... Read More »