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What’s Hiding?

I once heard a comedian with an East Indian accent say, “Don’t travel alone in your own mind. It is a dangerous neighborhood, and you will get mugged.” That is …... Read More »

Mother Nature and Your Relationship

There is nothing wrong with you. Your relationship is not broken.¬† We each have developed conscious and unconscious coping strategies that sometimes create problems in our relationship. One of Mother …... Read More »

Secrets of Successful Couples

Have you ever thought “how do I know if they are the one?”¬†There must be some signs that will show me I am with the right person, right?Another Facebook friend …... Read More »

Stop Fighting

I asked you to send in problems that you are seeking advice for. My Facebook friend asked me “How do my partner and I make it through quarantine without fighting so …... Read More »

Thankful For You

I feel so full of gratitude.  I know what you are thinking – this year has been a roller coaster! It is hard to feel thankful when there has been …... Read More »

Relationship Tips

Do you feel pulled away from your partner? Of course you do! Your home has probably turned into an office/school/daycare like so many of us. There are Zoom meetings in …... Read More »

Election Day

I hope you vote today. Political views aside, it is more important than ever to make your voice heard. It is also important to make your voice heard in your …... Read More »


Is it the movie or your relationship that’s scaring you? Join us virtually in December for our Getting the Love You Want Workshop and fall in love all over again.... Read More »

Election 2020 vs Happy Couples

2020 has been quite a year right? And just to strain our relationships further we have a pivotal¬†Presidential Election in a few weeks. Some of you asked me on Facebook …... Read More »

Is it Fine?

Do you want to know how you can have a better relationship? Join us in December for an online ‘Getting the Love You Want‘ Workshop where we will give you …... Read More »