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Feeling Cranky?

Cranky: given to fretful fussiness: readily angered when opposed. Full of twists and turns¬† I’m angry, sad, annoyed, irritated, and cranky for all the obvious reasons we share and for …... Read More »

Missing Your Partner?

Do you feel distance between you and your partner? Are you surprised since you are together more than ever before? Are you a little jealous of this dancing couple? You …... Read More »

Relationship Struggles?

Relationships are challenging enough, and the COVID virus quarantine has multiplied the challenges. What would it be like to take some supportive, healing time for your relationship amid this uncertainty? Join us …... Read More »

Lessons from the Herd

Living on a ranch with so many animals can be educational and often quite entertaining. We have a saying here,¬†“There’s always something on the ranch.” You can see from the …... Read More »

How Did You Two Meet?

One of my favorite questions when meeting a new couple is, How did you two meet? I LOVE hearing relationship stories! What I’ve concluded after my life-long query is that …... Read More »