Bioenergetics Analysis Training

Relational Somatic Training

At the core of our teaching is the basic understanding that modern Bioenergetics is a somatic relational therapy with relationship being a fundamental component of the therapeutic process. Every therapeutic process occurs within the context of a relationship, which implies that therapy is not just what the therapist does but who the therapist is, in relation to the patient, and that relationship within the therapeutic process is central to the success of the therapy.

The training consists of three essential parts: experiential and didactic formal workshop training; supervision with an accredited supervisor; personal psychotherapy.

It is our belief and experience that learning to do deep, careful, sophisticated body-oriented psychotherapy demands the development of a set of skills that include and go well beyond the basic constructs of psychodynamic psychotherapy, requiring extensive rigorous preparation and practice in a learning setting.

I am a member of the International Bioenergetic Analysis Faculty and teach at The Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis SCIBA offers formal training leading to Certification as a Bioenergetic Therapist (CBT) as well as a one-year program to introduce Bioenergetic concepts. 

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