Equus Coaching

Corporate Leadership and Team Building Workshop

“Teamwork!” “Collaboration!” Sounds good on paper, but why aren’t organizations getting much out of these seemingly simple directives? 


The truth is, companies are only as good as how employees interact with each other. If they don’t relate constructively, you’ll be plagued by absenteeism, presenteeism, gossiping, backstabbing, distraction, and inefficiencies caused by poor communication and collaboration. Not to mention, employees who have poor relationships with their colleagues are prone to depression, anxiety, and addiction. They’re more likely to sabotage themselves and others, so the entire organization suffers. 


The energetics in the “relational space” between each employee will determine how well your teams function. Healthy relationships are the key to building trust among employees and fostering a productive work environment. Otherwise, no amount of team building activities or management training can create lasting results. Building relationships is more than an intellectual exercise. When managers attend typical corporate training, they’re inundated with theories but fail to grasp the intangible dynamics that determine how employees relate to each other. 


Workshops conducted on location at my horse ranch incorporate a unique Equus Coaching component that allows participants to experience the energies they bring to each relationship and get immediate feedback to develop a visceral understanding of the “relational space” they’re creating. As a result, they become in tune with their internal dynamic and its effect on their relationships. 


Equine Connection Couples Workshop

When problems arise, as they naturally do in most relationships, we often feel adrift, betrayed, and misunderstood. This period of conflict does not have to be a time of strife—it’s an opportunity for extraordinary growth—for the relationship and each individual. 


I want to invite you to experience a unique opportunity to learn more about yourself and your relationship through Equus Coaching. Let the horses help you heal and grow. 


You may want to schedule a private intensive for yourself or your relationship, which are available in two-day, one-day, or half-day formats. I also offer workshops where you will share the time with others, which is also an incredible opportunity to learn from others on a healing path. I incorporate IMAGO Relationship Therapy and Somatic Psychotherapy with Equus Coaching to assist in your individual and relational growth and healing. 

Equine Connection Individuals Workshop

Life is full of transitions, challenges, losses as well as accomplishments. Feeling supported and sometimes guided during these experiences makes the difference between conscious choosing and floundering. 


Let the horses be your guide. They will reflect your energetic blocks and flow so you can make the most 

authentic choices.

Painted Ponies: An Equine-Expressive Arts Experience

With Garet by your side, you will receive feedback in the round pen from her resident horses about the energy you bring into relationships and what happens when you play with shifting that energy.  


Inspired by this insight, Pamela Underwood and Garet will guide you in journaling, creating collages, and visual art. Paint the horses with color and images as you integrate thoughts, feelings, and body sensations in response to your feedback from the horses about the energy you bring to your relationships.


These experiences and insights will carry over into your daily life as resources, informing all your relationships.


No previous horse or art experience necessary. Art supply list will be provided upon registration.