IMAGO Clinical Training for Psychotherapists and Facilitators

If you’re puzzled by couples going in circles from one frustration to the other or putting out fires week-in-week-out without getting a resolution on what’s plaguing them at the fundamental level, you’re not alone. Maybe you realize that the different issues have the same root cause, yet you struggle to get to it. To achieve real progress, you need to get your clients to listen and talk to each other, rather than talking to you about their partner’s flaws. The challenge most therapists face is that while they understand the theories, they don’t have a visceral understanding of the dynamics within the “relational space” to relate to their clients and help them deeply connect. It’s in the deep connection that they can move past the struggles to living their vision. 


IMAGO relationship therapy changes your relationships with your clients and helps them turn deeply connected communication into a lifestyle. Approach relationships from a different perspective. Rather than working with two individuals, you’ll learn to work with the dynamics in the “relational space.” You’ll guide your clients to move from blaming, shaming, and criticizing to connection and understanding what the relationship needs to heal and grow. You’ll achieve better outcomes for your couples by helping them connect rather than putting band-aids on discrete symptoms. 


IMAGO Relationship Therapy is a comprehensive theory of relationships and a practical how-to method for working with couples. Its basis is in neurology, psychology, sociology, and quantum physics backed by 30 years of experience and 20 years of research. The therapy first became popular in the ’80s thanks to the New York Time’s bestselling book, “Getting The Love You Want” by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and his wife, Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D. Harville was endorsed by Oprah Winfrey in her top 20 moments when she claimed IMAGO saved her relationship. Alanis Morissette, who took the clinical training, credits IMAGO for success in her relationship. You can hear IMAGO’s influence in some of her songs.  


You can start this transformative journey here and now, in the next IMAGO Clinical Training at the beautiful FeatherHeart Ranch in Ramona, CA, just Northeast of San Diego.


IMAGO Facilitator Training for Professionals and Coaches

Become an Agent of Change in the World. Take Imago into your sphere of interest and expertise. Imago skills and understanding of relationship dynamics are applicable in so many diverse fields. Wherever relationships are involved – at work, at home, at play -relationship challenges can arise.


The Imago Facilitator Program gives coaches, business owners and managers, coaches, HR personnel, health care workers, educators, clergy,  and others the tools to effectively facilitate connection and understanding and to be your most present and connected self. 1/3 theory, 1/3 practice, 1/3 personal work. The training consists of a Fundamentals of Imago Facilitation course, a practicum on applying Imago in your sphere of interest, and specialization courses focusing on working with individuals, dyads, families, groups and organizations.

Characterological Growth:

Couples, individuals, and professionals are welcome to attend this course. No previous Imago training is required. Come explore your shadow, how it works in relationships, and how we can integrate our missing selves in order to reclaim our full aliveness. This course is designed to go deeply into the ways your defenses and your character structure affect others. Another purpose is to grow your container so you can be big enough to hold all that life hands you and to help you rock between the joy and the sorrow of life. In the role of therapist, we have a gift of distance. We care about the pain we see in others and we have the experience of being in the role of “the good parent.” We are rarely aware of the parts of ourself that reside in the shadow.

Fundamentals of Imago Facilitation will be offered on-line in 2021 over 7 weeks from September 13th to 25th October from 12-3 p.m. Eastern US time, to be followed by specialization and application courses. This introductory course stands alone or as part of a certification program. Cost $690.

Working with Individuals in the Relational Paradigm – (required specialization course for Imago Facilitator Certification). Also valuable to Imago therapists who work with individual clients (special discount price). Tools and ideas for bringing Imago into one-on-one work, understanding relational challenges, identifying goals, building contracts, re-integrating the missing self and more.

Getting the Love You Want

Let’s be honest: when you have been living with relationship strife, the path back to feelings of love and safety can seem overwhelming. 

As a Certified Imago Therapist, I created my workshops to be accessible, playful, and non-threatening, where sharing (as much as is comfortable) and community are created in a safe space that fosters your, and your partner’s, growth. 



Over the years, I have culled the most essential Imago Therapy techniques and information and brought it all together in one clear and succinct program. I tie it all together for you while modeling the behavior and dialogue, so that you can experience and embody the spirit of Imago and take it forward into your life. Imago Therapy helps you to understand the origins of your relationship issues and gives you the communication skills to work through conflict. 



My clients often comment on how safe and comfortable they felt during the workshops, and how much fun they had. By representing and sharing the Imago experience, I will help you and your partner learn to share, hear, and be heard in a whole-body, whole-heart, whole-mind way. You will be amazed at the tools and knowledge that you will gain in one Imago Workshop weekend with me. 


Couples Intensives

Some couples prefer one-on-one consultation rather than a workshop setting with other couples. I can offer one,  two, or three day intensives designed specifically for you and the needs of your relationship. 

Couples with Addiction: Recovering Our Connection

This Couples with Addiction: Recovering Our Connection workshop has been designed for couples in all stages of recovery and modeled after the Imago Getting the Love You Want workshop. 


Traditionally couples receive little assistance with their relational issues in the early stages of recovery. They typically go to their prospective meetings to work on themselves, and the relationship gets little attention. 


It is challenging for addicts to maintain their sobriety or abstinence during these early recovery days, especially if the strain of relationship struggles drains their energy. Likewise, it is challenging for partners to contain their reactivity and keep the hope for a healthy relationship when they feel neglected.


This workshop helps recovering couples acquire the skills necessary for rebuilding trust and connection. Research has shown that couples who recover together significantly enhance their chances of maintaining long-term recovery. 


Individuals Workshops

Keeping the Love you Find is a workshop for individuals interested in exploring their relationship dynamics. Individuals will discover the ‘energy’ they bring to relationships. They can decide what to enhance and what to shift for better success with that knowledge. 


They will learn the history of their relational template and the attractors that draw them to their romantic partnerships. They will leave with a plan of action for creating the type of relationships they desire.