Garet has been an Excellent trainer and mentor.  She creates a learning environment that feels safe to simply be a learner.  She is extremely knowledgeable and teaches the information in multiple ways that helped me take the new information in on an intellectual and experiential level.  After completing her training, I felt confident to practice new skills and supported by her through her ongoing supervision and intervision. Lastly, I have greatly appreciated the online resources she provides that I still use on a regular basis.  

Garet embodies someone that has done her own work. I felt deeply held by Garet and the space and presence that she provides. She works intuitively with what is needed, sometimes providing silence, a song, or movement.  So much for me opened up and was expressed because of the container that was set up by the group and by Garet. I have been in therapy for 20 years on and off but Garet gave me permission to express and name any and everything even if I didn’t want to. This has been transformative and liberating.  Because of that I feel open and lighter. I have been able to let my body have its experience with less mind trying to interpret all the time. That has been life changing and such a relief.  

Maring Higa

I met Garet in 2015 while assisting at a couples workshop in Monterey, CA. I just “knew” I wanted to learn from her back then. Fast forward to 2020 and the pandemic and I was looking for a class to take and, fortuitously, our paths crossed again – this time she was the leader of a  small group I was assigned to. Again – I knew.  


She was offering the full Imago Certification training, I jumped at the opportunity, and I was not disappointed. Following the Imago certification training I have also embarked on the training in Bioenergetics Analysis for which she is International Faculty as well. 


I feel deeply grateful and appreciative for Garet’s teaching. Her style is relaxed, clear and direct, and she covers all the salient points without rehashing what we have read for each training. I find her incredibly patient and she exudes a calm and groundedness when presenting material to be studied. As a facilitator, she encourages self-learning by asking the students questions (about their questions) rather than simply giving the answer.  She also promotes self-discovery which has lead (me) to a much deeper understanding of myself as well as the topic being taught. Her style of teaching has supported an integration of the material with my practice of therapy. 


Garet teaches in an engaging, collaborative, and highly interactive way which has facilitated immense growth for me as a therapist and student. She incorporates fun and seriousness in her teaching which makes for a lively – and “alive” –  experience. 


I feel honored to say she is my teacher. My life has changed and is deeply enriched because of my experience with her. 

Vicky Venter

Imago Training:

Garet Bedrosian has been my teacher and mentor.  She is compassionate, wise and a wonderful instructor. The Imago training changed my professional life, re-invigorating it with new perspectives.  Garet enables growth and helps students work through internal barriers and impasses. Her education strategy intentionally encourages students to heal academic wounding and grow.  Because Garet embodies Imago, students live the Imago experience in the course of the training. When the formal training was completed, I saw Garet for individual  and group supervision. Both of those opportunities enabled me to consolidate and integrate Imago into my work and life.  I whole heartedly recommend Garet Bedrosian for anyone interested in Imago Training.

Marilyn Rosen, LCSW - Los Angeles, CA

Bioenergetic Training:

I’m not one to easily share my feelings or emotions with trainers.  My behavior to be cautious changed when I met Garet.  Garet has a generosity of heart and spirit that was inviting me to move out of my habitual guarding patterns.  Garet’s embodied work as a trainer is expressed in how she interacts with each trainee in her groups.  Garet has a quality of love and excellence that she embodies in her work.  Any kind of excellence in life is because we love it so much, we invest much of who we are into the work we love, and this is shown through Garet’s embodiment as a trainer and how she interacts with each trainee.  

Sarah Rocha

As a trainer, Garet is patient, compassionate, and tough. She knows exactly how long to let me think about something, knows which questions or statements will help me think further, and allows me the space to come to the answer on my own. Her intuition about my internal experience is powerful and informative. She is thoughtful in her challenges, causing me to pause and consider my reasons and my reactions. I have grown significantly through my work with her and will continue growing because of it. 


Amanda Stransky, LMFT

Garet has been my trainer and supervisor at various points throughout my 4 year training in bioenergetic analysis.  Garet has demonstrated a remarkable ability to cut through layers of content and move directly to the presenting issue. Her training in a multitude of modalities and her own personal journey have honed her skills and heightened her intuition. Garet has the ability to quickly identify blocks in the therapist which, when exposed, allow the therapist to grow immeasurably. I have learned so much watching Garet work and have greatly benefited from her wisdom and guidance as a trainer. 


Tina Hartney, LMFT

Garets IMAGO certification training is highly experiential and strategically designed to provide high caliber evidence based couples counseling skills for both beginner and advanced couples therapy counselors.


In my 30 years as a clinical social worker and couples and family counselor Garet Bedrosian’s IMAGO therapist course is one of the best practice oriented training I have experienced. Her highly individualized strategic  and professional feedback is delivered gently.  It assists couples therapists to gain the skills needed for tailoring treatment  interventions for the best desired outcomes. 

Garet’s advanced training facilitates therapists growth in self awareness that hones in depth emotional attunement to couples work.


I sincerely recommend therapists who desire to advance their couples therapy skills with powerful evidence based interventions enroll for Garets IMAGO Certification training. 

Blanca and Ed Carrillo

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