What is Your Heart Expression?


Are you asking yourself the same question I’m asking myself…what happened to the summer?

We just celebrated Labor Day, already!

One of my incredible summer adventures was a horseback riding trip to Monument Valley, UtahBeing on horseback, surrounded by 50 millions year old structures challenged my limiting beliefs. In relation to the wonders of the world and all it’s creations we are here and gone in a heartbeat.

How we express our beating hearts is up to us. I want mine filled with love, joy and wonder and I’ve learned that living a joyful, loving existence requires commitment, consciousness and intention. Our life experiences can create fears and inhibit expressions of joy and wonder. One of the fundamental tenets in my work with clients and students is to remain curious. When you experience a judgement ask yourself what am I afraid of? 

This is an essential practice in loving relationships. Loving and being loved may require a shift in perspective. If you are easliy offended by something your partner does then you have an opportunity to heal a wounded part of yourself and grow into a more loving you. Yay! Be curious. Be compassionate. Be open and loving. Be grateful for the opportunity. 

It’s amazing how much more time there is for joy when we’re not using our energy to defend our limited perspectives. How can we ever know what more there is to know and experience if we hold rigidly to our tiny world views. If I’m here and gone in an instant then I want every day and every encounter to be loving and filled with awe.

How do you want to express your beating heart?

Please let me know if you need help stretching your curiosity muscle. Supporting  your healing and growth would bring me great joy.